Our Commitment

It All Matters is committed to generating awareness and actively partnering with parents in order to change behavior, attitudes, and choices that shape the lives of children.

How We Are Going About It

Millions of dollars are spent each year on early childhood interventions. Our goal is to do something NEW, INNOVATIVE, and CREATIVE.

Our approach is PROACTIVE.

Harnessing the power of art, educational research, and storytelling, we have set out to transform children’s lives by educating and informing tomorrow’s parents through empowerment, provocative dynamic media, and innovative curriculum. 

Bamboo Babies

Bamboo Babies is a research-based parenting class designed just for you!


Research & Resources

Looking for helpful parenting resources? We’ve got you covered. Discover the research behind It All Matters. 

Bamboo Boxes

Made by parents, for parents! These interactive boxes support your child’s development through play. Purchase, donate, or subscribe!

dynamic Media

Learn more about our mission through our digital storytelling initiatives.


The amount and quality of parent-child interaction, especially within the first three years of life, set the tone and trajectory for the rest of children’s lives. Here at IT ALL MATTERS, we believe that parents can make all the difference in their children’s worlds!

“We can always do something. We can always make things better, always.
Better to get it right early, the first time. Better to prevent
problems than try to figure out how to treat them later. But it’s
never too late to make things better. It’s never too late to improve
       Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D

Who We Are

It All Matters is grounded in educational research and is consistently informed by a science-driven approach to the understanding of childhood development. 

It All Matters was founded in 2016 by Lisa Williams and is supported by a hard-working team of teachers, coaches, and other professionals. Each board member is a passionate advocate for children and their education.

Meet the Team

Lisa Williams


Morgan Martens

Creative Director

April Beck

Board Member

Sara Brown

Board Member

Jennifer Richardson

Board Member

Debbie Galbraith

Board Member


Children who are held, talked to, and treated as though they matter, especially in the first three years of life, will benefit from a persistent cognitive advantage. Children who have been lavished with time and attention show increased ability to regulate emotions and behavior. A commitment to engaged and intentional parenting can make all the difference. 

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