Shrista Tyree

Rap Artist – Calling All Women

Shrista is the Contributing Rap Artist on It All Matters’ “Calling All Women” Dynamic Media Project. 

Shrista Tyree is a Comedian, host, rapper and also a Part time Petco employee.  Currently chasing the dream of being a stand-up comedian, rapper and whatever else I happen to fall in love with. 

People always ask me what has inspired me to chase my dreams, who do I look up to? But in all honesty, I am my own inspiration. I was raised by a single mother who suffered with drug addiction. Everyday as a kid I aspired to do and be everything people told me I couldn’t. I graduated from high school, because they told me I couldn’t. I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching because they told me I couldn’t. Now I’m chasing a dream people are telling me is a waste of time. “Everyone’s a rapper, you won’t make it. Everyone’s a comedian, you wont make it.”

​Comedy is my main goal but I’d rather give stand up comedy a chance than to be sitting in front of TV watching Kevin Hart and wishing I tried that “comedy thing”. Nothing inspires me more than my own story.