Morgan Martens


Morgan Martens is a former high school life science and chemistry teacher who is passionate about helping students expand their personal horizons, perspectives, and dreams for the future. Morgan finds the greatest fulfillment in her work when her collaboration with students helps them to discover new possibilities within themselves. Morgan’s interest in science began at a young age and her desire to become a teacher began in the fourth grade. These interests took her to the University of Cincinnati where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and her certificate in deaf studies.


After graduation, Morgan married her high school sweetheart, Daniel, and the two of them moved to Columbus, Ohio where they began graduate programs at The Ohio State University. In 2016, Morgan earned her teaching license as well as her Master’s degree in Life Science and Chemistry Education. Since then, she has taught high school science in both Ohio and Michigan.


​Throughout her teaching career, Morgan had the opportunity to teach various levels of science courses, from accelerated honors courses to full inclusion courses. She noticed that students who struggled were usually students who are disillusioned and who no longer believed that they were ‘smart’ or capable of success. She also saw that there could be a stark contrast between struggling students and ‘successful’ students that had little to do with student effort. Many of these struggling students had to fight for every inch of improvement while the same material seemed to come so easily to their peers. Morgan’s desire is to prevent this struggle and disillusionment within students that is so often preventable through better parent education. For this reason, Morgan is very excited to be a part of the It All Matters movement.


Morgan is incredibly excited to be a part of the innovative team currently designing and developing It All Matters’ latest project – Bamboo Boxes. Each box is specially designed to cultivate key developmental skills in young children while also making it easy for parents to experience success. 


In her free time, Morgan enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and biking with her husband, Daniel and their dog, Ginny.