Sara Brown


Sara Brown is an enthusiastic, spiritual, and positive young woman who has a devotion for teaching today’s youth and being a mother.  She is currently pursuing her teaching passion as a Kindergarten teacher and spends the rest of her time with the people she loves.  Sara is married to her college sweetheart, Chris Brown, and together they are raising their beautiful six year old daughter, Etta, and energetic three year old son, Walt.   


Sara received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood education in 2009.  Soon after, she was fortunate enough to find a teaching position at a local Primary School where she began her teaching career.  Throughout her 12 years of education, she has spent time molding the minds of nearly 300 Second Grade, First Grade, and Kindergarten students.  Teaching at the Kindergarten level is where she calls home, bringing her the most joy, laughter, and fulfillment.  Sara takes great pride in the relationships she develops every year, not only with her students, but with their entire families.  To her, being a teacher is so much more than educating students.  


In Spring 2012, Sara began the next step in her teaching career by pursuing a master’s degree.  Soon after beginning classes, Chris and Sara proudly announced they were expecting their first child.  At Sara’s 20 week ultrasound, they found out Sara was carrying an unexplainably sick baby who would more than likely not make it to birth.  He was a boy and they named him Abram.  Defying all odds (With a medical staff large enough to make a full basketball team) dozens of ultrasounds, appointments three times a week, and three procedures in utero, Abram made his entrance into the world on November 8, 2012.  Abram’s new home was the NICU at the world renowned Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  On day ten, Sara and Chris were given grave news that Abram had inherited a rare genetic condition.  Surrounded by Abram’s team of doctors, next to his isolette, Chris and Sara were told his life would only be six months to one year.  Devastation set in for the Brown Family.


Although this news was unimaginable, Chris and Sara set simple, clear goals: Give Abram the best quality of life, praise God for their Blessings, and live in the moment.  Abram spent nearly six months with his parents, in their family home, before leaving to be with God in Spring of 2013.  Being Abram’s mom gave Sara a new perspective on children and a greater appreciation for life.  Sara went back to teaching the following year and continued her pursuit of a master’s degree and a family.  Sara and her husband attended foster/adoption classes in hopes to be blessed with a child but God had different plans.  Shortly after they completed the last class to become certified, Sara found out she was again with child.  This time with a girl. Etta, who did not share Abram’s condition, was born exactly two years to the day of her brother on November 8, 2014.  God is good.


Raising a deathly ill child and two healthy children has given Sara a unique insight on the development of young people.  She has a perspective that can only be found in someone who has experienced the blessing of tragedy.  Her education, experience, and passion for fostering a child’s education and developmental growth is apparent with every life she encounters.  In a child’s life, short or long, happy or sad, big or small, to her, it ALL matters.